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Alwaleef Group" acquires "Mabkharat Al Emarat Co

"Alwaleef Group" acquires "Mabkharat Al Emarat Co."


Jeddah 21 Jan 2016 - "Al Waleef Group" acquired “Mabkhara Al Emarat Co.", a highly renowned and deeply rooted company specialized for more than 13 years in selling incense, perfumery products and oriental accessories in Saudi Arabia.

On this occasion, Mr. Abduljabbar Al-Bu Khuder, Al Waleef Group General Manager, said: "We anticipate that such successful acquitision would help us to maintain the originality of "Mabkharat Al Emarat, as well, we do hope to develop this brand, and sustain its deeply rooted heritage, also to assist the company with our vast expertise, to develop and originate authentic incense and oriental perfumes worthy of our customers. "

According to experts, this acquisition will help to promote the strategic positioning of Al Waleef Group in Arabian Gulf market where the Group is heading towards pursuing their big vision to establish world-class perfumery and incense in terms of quality and shopping experience. 

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